Yesterday I was still in Turin and my friend Maddalena told me that I needed to check out Soul Kitchen, a restaurant that opened one and half-year ago and it is specialised in vegan and raw food that is often gluten free as well. I was more than happy to go and try it. Besides their motto is: Eat. Drink. Love. How could I resist !?!

I liked the design very much: I am always fascinated by a good and savant mix of recap and vintage pieces, it makes it feel warm, relaxed, welcoming and so beautiful. I love, love, love the Frau Chesterfield armchairs, timeless elegance.

After having studied the menu carefully because everything looked so tempting to me and the choice was really hard to make, I decided to start with raw gluten free zucchini spaghetti marinated with citrus fruit + a mix of Mediterranean ground herbs and cherry tomatoes, black sesame seeds, served with raw dried tomatoes crackers and cashew cheese. It was so good!

The raw crackers were fresh and they are prepared on a daily basis by Soul Kitchen. Delicious!

After I had a burger made of lentils and artichokes, vegan mayonnaise, black cabbage stew and fresh salad. The burger was very good: I loved the crust made of corn flour, it made it crunchy outside and soft & warm inside.

Soul Kitchen is also specialised in healthy juices and smoothies, they are super fresh and the recipes are concocted to make us feel good 🙂 The one I chose was beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger blend. There was sun in Turin yesterday and some of it finished on my drink, loved it so…!

After, well well well, after there was dessert and I was torn, shall I take it or shall I not ??

Raw after eight chocolate cake mmhh…it was so tempting, I have to say, but as you can see from my drawing, I am quite small and felt full and completely satisfied with what I just ate, so I told myself, it will be next time.

Besides, I was there for lunch and they told me that for dinner, they have a complete different menu with many more gluten free dishes. Be back soon, I promise!

Soul Kitchen

Via Santa Giulia 2
Tel +39 011 884700


Opening hours

Tue – Sat
12.30 pm – 2.30 pm
7.30 pm – 10.30 pm.
Sun and Mon Closed





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