Sol Semilla 

Sol Semilla is a wonderful restaurant and shop in Paris completely devoted to super foods, getting there is like embarking on a journey where you can enjoy them during your meal, discover their incredible taste and properties, and eventually buy them.

By they way at Sol Semilla everything is gluten free, happy me :)!

Situated one block away from the beautiful Canal Saint Martin, the atmosphere is so cheerful that you soon become part of the Sol Semilla family: Joelma and her team welcome you in and guide you through an exotic world made of raw cocoa, acerola, klamath, spirulina, purple corn, açaí…explaining you all the virtues and the benefits of these fantastic plants, algae and berries.

To start I had the “jus du jour” that is the daily juice that yesterday was a blend of melon, apples, and carob from Perù. Delicious!

After I took the daily specialty: mixed vegetables both raw and cooked, potatoes, beans, brown rice and, of course, super foods!

What about a sprinkle of acerola, nopal, raw cocoa, raw spirulina and açaí…!

Well, I have to say that after having lunch at Sol Semilla I felt reinvigorated all day along and it was for real!

As dessert I opted for the “Délice de Lucuma à la pomme”: it was a fantastic mix of Lucuma super food used as a powder with raw apples and raw cocoa nuggets. So simple and yet so tasty. I loved it!

Before leaving I did some shopping and I bought the raw spirulina + acerola to boost my vitality and energy. I also got the irresistible, delicious raw cocoa nuggets.

Now the adventure continues at home.

To discover who’s behind Sol Semilla, have a look at my interview to the charismatic Joelma Leitao:

Sol Semilla

23, rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 01 03 44



Opening hours

Open daily 12 am – 4 pm
Thursday – Sat, also 7 – 10 pm
Closed on Monday








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