Happy and gluten free!

Today I would love to tell you about a NEW pastry shop that has opened in Paris this week: Sitron, l’artisan du sans gluten !

Sitron is the brainchild of a beautiful, smart young woman, Laure Bouvet.

After her studies to become a trained pastry chef, she discovered she was gluten intolerant and since that moment Laure started to study and research about gluten free.

It was during that time last year that she met pastry chef Sébastien Lenglet. After some months Laure proposed Sébastien to join her in this new adventure and imagine the new desserts together.

After much flour, tons of chocolate, kilos of efforts topped with chantilly cream, Sitron was born.

sitron saint honoré

I have to confess that when I eat a pastry, I expect just one thing, that it makes me happy.

I completely understand all the articles and posts that I read today about “less sugar”, “less fat”, “less this”, “less that”…I know that we don’t have to exaggerate with any ingredient but…yes, there is a but to me…if I choose to eat a pastry, I just ask for one thing: happiness, pure and simple.

The pastries at Sitron make me happy !

Have a look at this beauty called “Le Frisson de Sitron”: almond biscuits, sweet citrus cream, crunchy “praliné” with citrus candied zest, light chantilly with citrus zest on top.

I did love how fresh this pastry felt, it was yummy, creamy and voluptuous as a pastry has to be but it stayed light.

sitron delicious gluten free pastries

Shall I add any word on this one?!!! I would say no…

It’s an incredibly good dark chocolate choux pastry called “Eclair de choc”.

Sébastien told me that he imagined it as a succession of bites, from the smallest to the biggest one, to keep it for last and to double our pleasure while eating it.

sitron chocolate choux

I also tasted the pastry called “Saint Eloi”: a vanilla sablé with chestnut cream, biscuit with candied chestnut soaked in passion fruit juice, white chocolate disc with maldon salt, light vanilla mascarpone cream, glaçage with passion fruit.

Divine! I believe I have a thing for pastries where fruit is involved; fruit, especially if a little bit bitter like citrus or passion fruit, can counterbalance the sweetness of the cream and it creates such a pleasant feeling when you eat it.

This one literally melted in my mouth.

I could feel all the different flavours, one after the other.

I think that when you eat a pastry, a good one, you have to take your time, site down for a while and eat it slowly. You will see how all your senses will open up and respond happily to it. The pleasure of eating it will definitely last longer.

love this gluten free pastry at sitron

At Sitron you can also stop for a tea time and have cookies and French madeleines with your tea or coffee. They are available in square sizes, I found it original and most of all, good!

But surprises are not over yet; the menu includes also a selection of savoury dishes like wraps and traditional French quiches that are also lactose free, and vegan for the wrap.

Laure tells me that all the ingredients are fresh, seasonal, selected with the greatest care from local producers and she is currently working on proposing more savoury options in the future.

You can guess that I left Sitron happy, with some chocolate cake in my bag !

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sitron paris
sitron chocolate chip cookie


15, rue Marie Stuart
75002 Paris
Tél. 01 40 20 92 31
59, rue des Batignolles
75017 Paris


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