Fantastic gluten free mix: easy to use and so good!

Today I would like to tell you about a product that I like very much: the new gluten free mix by Sinépix.

Sinépix is a French brand that was created by two long-time friends, Marie and Nathalie, who discovered to be gluten intolerant during their adult life.

If you live in France, you may be familiar with Nathalie as she created an e-shop called Gluten Corner that sells a beautiful selection of « free from » foods.

One day, Marie and Nathalie found themselves sharing good food and just while they were sitting around the table – a place where I think you make the best encounters – they got the idea of making gluten free mix and decided to start this new adventure together.

sinepix gluten free mix
sinepix mix gluten free for cakes
sinepix gluten free financier

The word Sinépix reminds the Spanish «sin» (without), and the French « épine » (wheat); the «x» at the end reminds the English word “mix”.

I have to tell you that what makes me love a mix are basically two main factors:

  • it’s easy
  • it’s tasty

When I say easy, I mean:

  • few ingredients to add
  • little instructions to follow
  • little time to make them

I was impressed how Sinépix matched all my expectations.

I tried the financier, the chouquettes, the chocolate fondant, the chocolate chip cookies and they were all easy, all good!

Imagine how happy I was when Nathalie asked me to imagine a series of photos for the brand: it was a wonderful experience for me mingled with laughs, delicious cakes, a sprinkle of sugar, and lots of chocolate and love.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate or you simply want to pamper yourself a little, I think that these gluten free mix might be pretty handy and just perfect for you 🙂

Sinépix is, as I like to say it, a kid’s play!

sinepix chouquettes gluten free
sinepix mix sans gluten

To buy the brand on line, please visit:

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