Writing this post makes me smile…why? Because of Rébecca and her team whom I met during SAAPS early in April in Paris.

Rébecca and I, we both had a booth at the fair: me presenting Italian, artisanal gluten free products and Rébecca great tasting gluten free and lactose free cookies and cakes.

We bonded immediately and during all the three days of the fair, we chatted, we shared experiences and exchanged foods: I Italian La Rosa pasta and Rébecca French Frenchy cookies 😉

Rébecca created Sciortino Rébecca, her pastry shop in Metz and she is specialised in gluten free and mostly lactose free pastries, cakes, quiches, to buy at the shop or to order. All the ingredients are selected by Rébecca with great care, they are sourced locally and seasonal.

One good news is that soon a selection of Rébecca’s pastries and cookies will be available for on line sale!

Here I am having an afternoon tea with my fave green tea with almonds and some great tasting Rébecca’s cookies.

I tasted the chocolate chips with coconut, the chocolate chips with vanilla, and the figues+almonds+abricot cookie.

Which one did I love the most? I can’t say…they were all so good!

Here there are: Rébecca and her team!

They are smily, warm, professional and caring. When I meet people like these along with such tasty gluten free food, my only desire is to support them and go soon to Metz to visit Rébecca.

Well, if you check up her website, I don’t know you but I am already salivating over that danubio! Rébecca how did you made it?!!!? Bravo!

Sciortino Rébecca

11 rue de Pouilly
57000 METZ
Tel. 0033 (0) 


Opening hours

Tue – Sat
7.30 am- 2 pm
4 – 6.30 pm
8 am – 1 pm
Closed on Monday






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