It’s buckwheat, it’s gluten free!

Sarra Paris is a newly opened restaurant in Paris that is specialised in an ancient grain which is typically French and deliciously good: buckwheat.

As you know, buckwheat is naturally gluten free and jam-packed with high-quality vegetable proteins, rich in various nutrients and phytochemicals that make it a wonderful addition to any diet.

It’s definitely one of my favourite among gluten free foods.

sarra paris restaurant
sarra paris brunch

Hubert Niveleau is a young talented, self-taught chef that got the idea of a place that could celebrate buckwheat but not as “galette” (the black French crêpe we are more used to see and eat) but to explore its full potential and create new dishes with it.

At Sarra Paris you are going to eat it as a wrap, sushi, salads, soups, granola, pancakes (these ones are available on Saturdays, for brunch): everything is homemade, fresh, and the menu will vary according to the seasonality of the ingredients.

The buckwheat used at Sarra Paris comes from the Bretagne region in France that is renown also for this fabulous grain crops.

It is certified IGP by the French “Association Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne” that’s been active in France for over 30 years, and they have also developed a list of technical requirements to protect and assure the correct way of cultivating buckwheat.

I went back to Sarra Paris twice in a row and I tasted the salads, the hummus, the granola and the pancakes: I did enjoy everything. The food was perfectly seasoned, very tasty, one special mention to the pancakes, so fluffy, just the way I like them.

The bread is not gluten free at the moment (so no avocado toasts for us) but Hubert told me he is working on a recipe of a buckwheat bread with his baker to be ready soon.

The place is homey and cosy: furthermore Hubert is very nice and so are the people who work with him. I find it so refreshing when you are welcomed in with a smile, with kindness and grace … not so much the case here in Paris … unfortunately…

During the evening Sarra Paris is opened for the happy hour: located in the lovely neighbourhood of Montorgueil, it is the perfect place to stop by, sip a good glass of wine or cider with friends and enjoy tapas made of buckwheat, of course!

sarra paris carrot salad in paris
sarra paris delicious avocado salad
sarra paris yummy granola

Sarra Paris

10, rue Mandar
75002 Paris



Opening hours

Tue – Sat
12 am – 10 pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday




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