Hello everybody! It’s been a while since my last post I know.

Well, I decided to go to London for a few days to see two of my BFF + scope some of the latest news and trends on gluten free. I was pleasantly surprised. I love London for so many reasons and I do think that they have some of the best gluten free products ever.

The first place that I visited is a gluten free bakery called Romeo that recently opened in London (lately it has changed its name into Artisan) . Located in the lovely Islington, it is a place that feels warm, friendly, laid-back and it sells some of the best fresh gluten free bread that I have ever tasted. There is the white loaf, the seeded loaf, the one olive & rosemary and with onions. The main ingredients are potato, tapioca and rise flour, eggs, yeast, salt, vinegar, water: here they keep it simple, genuine and tasty. And it doesn’t stop to bread.

What about splurging in a velvet cake with vanilla cream that looks so beautiful and so tempting…!

Or maybe chocolate…or one slice of carrot cake..or cheese cake…not so easy to make a choice for me…

At Artisan there are also tables where you can comfortably sit, so I decided to stop and relax for a while.

I started with a homemade fresh sandwich with seeded bread, roast beef,  horseradish and rocket + a fresh carrot, apple, ginger juice.

As dessert, well I know,… all those cakes… but I have never tasted gluten free scones before and I was so happy to find some that I chose to eat them.

On the menu there were also pancakes, salads, pizzas and the English breakfast available all day long that is supposed to be very good reading the latest reviews.

I will definitely go back to Artisan next time I am in London to enjoy some more treats!

One special thanks to the lovely people who work there: they were super nice, open to explain me everything and made me feel at ease.

Artisan gluten free bakery

167 Upper Street
N1 1US London
Tel. +44 20 7354 8945








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