Rocket+Basil is an amazing café, deli, catering with gluten free options in Berlin that opened its doors last April.

I am always happy to come back here when I am in town.

There are basically two good reasons that make me become a customer of any place, anywhere I go, great food + great people, it is as simple as that, and Rocket+Basil has both to me.

Yesterday I visited it again with my dear friend Anouk from the blog – and we shared an amazing breakfast: sour cherry granola with coyo, chia, coconut yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit and raw chocolate for me – and for her, an amazing omelette… THE MIRZA GHASEMI with smoked aubergine, roasted garlic stirred through turmeric-spiced pillowy eggs, heirloom tomatoes, urfu chilli, yoghurt, sumac, served with sourdough flatbread.

I had a delicious house made hot infusion with lemon, sage and honey. Coffee for my friend.

So many things to talk about, share and laugh.

Rocket+Basil is an amazing place to be, they serve delicious breakfast all day long, and, for lunch, you can indulge in amazing, fresh and seasonal salads, both hot and cold, their signature stews that change weekly and are mostly inspired by their Iranian upbringing.

Actually Sophie and Xenia, sisters, chefs, and co-founders of Roquet+Basil, have Iranian-German parents, grew up in Australia, lived in London and then in Berlin, their tasty and colourful food is inspired by their many travels, countries, tastes and flavours that they experienced and loved everywhere they went. They combine in two 15 years of experience in the Food Industry, having worked as food stylists, recipe developers, caterers for small and big events and now…. another dream come true, they run their own restaurant where, I can tell, you will be always welcomed with a smile 🙂

One small notice for my vegan readers, the place is not vegan but they have vegan options.

As I love to say, at their table, there is enough room for everyone.

Last thing last, who wants to know who is Rocket and who is Basil?!!

Well, they are their cat and dog! And they get along beautifully together 😉


Lützowstraße 22
10785 Berlin



Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm
Weekends 10 am – 4 pm
Closed on Monday




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