Rice Trotters take away restaurant

Rice Trotters is a new food concept and also the adventure of Laurianne and Anthony who decided to celebrate one naturally gluten free ingredient in particular, rice, in its many shapes, colours, and delicious recipes and open up a take away restaurant close to the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Yesterday I went there for lunch: how beautiful and how tasty the rice hemispheres are and they hide a surprise inside. Of course I will not reveal it but let you discover when you go ;).

Laurianne and Anthony wanted to bring to Paris flavours, colours and memories from far away: every day they cook different kinds of rice like the jasmine rice from Thailand, the black Venere from Italy, red rice from Camargue, South of France, and they marry them to special recipes.

The menu varies daily according to the season but you can find specialities like Thai or Goulash Beef, Chicken with curry and coconut sauce, Italian risotto, “Tiep bou dienn” Fish from Senegal. There is also a vegetarian option always available on the menu.

Because it is summer I went for a cold dish. I opted for black rice + salad + marinated salmon with dill, lemon, zucchini spaghetti, and cherry tomatoes: it was delicious!

I loved the dessert as well: everything is made with rice so I could really splurge.

What about the “mirliton”? Half a way between a financier and a muffin but actually made of almond flour as well and stuffed with fruit or chocolate? Tempting…!

I was told that their signature dessert is rice with milk and vanilla, the “riz au lait” as they call it here. I took one with exotic fruit. It was so creamy, and tasty, definitely the best “riz au lait” that I have ever had so far !

In the morning you can drop by for breakfast as well and customise your own “riz au lait” with the toppings of your choice, yum!

I enjoyed the deco, the little touches of exotic here and there: a cushion, a coffee table, one beautiful mask, I do love masks…

By the way, at Rice Trotters you can also buy the rice you eat and continue to enjoy it home, how nice!

Look forward to trying other rice specialties soon.

Rice Trotters

22, rue du Colisée
75008 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 53 75 11 95



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8.45 am – 3.30 pm
Closed on Sat and Sun








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