Today I tell you about Riccardo Cravero gluten free pastry shop in Turin.

I have been familiar with its name for quite a while now.

The reason why is that I often go to Turin for work and I love having breakfast at Gluti, a lovely coffee shop in the beautiful Via dei Mille. Gluti has Riccardo Cravero’s delicious gluten free pastries available every day.

In time I have tasted several and I have loved them all: one special mention to the “Garibaldina” cake though. I don’t tell you more…to discover if you go there or, if you are too curious like I usually am, to read in my older post on Gluti 😉

Back in Turin, this time I decided to go to pay him a visit in his pastry shop, not far from the beautiful Basilica di Superga.

So here I am on tram 15, direction…my sweet tooth!

The pastry shop has one minus: no place where you can sit. Personally I love to buy a pastry, sit down for a moment, and fully enjoy it with a good cup of coffee or tea. Nothing better!

However I solved up the problem easily: close to the pastry shop there is a coffee shop that makes a great cappuccino. So I could sit, relax for a moment, sip it slowly and eat a delicious and gluten free tart with apricot jam that I just bought.

At Riccardo Cravero you can find a nice selection of fresh biscuits, both sweet and savoury. Then, you can order in advance tarts and cakes and his choice is wide. Here there is a Sacher cake…the ultimate gourmandise for me !

I left happy with some Baci di Dama biscuits stuffed with the Italian typical gianduia (hazelnut+cacao) cream.

And here it is a final picture that sounds a bit like a self-portrait: myself as my mum’s old brooch, a faux-pearl necklace I bought in Rome years ago and my beloved and yummy Baci di Dama!

Riccardo Cravero

6/A, Strada Comunale Del Com. Cimitero Di Sassi
10132 Torino
Tel. +39 011.8980034



Opening Hours

Tue – Sat
7.30 am – 7.30 pm
7.30 am  – 6.30 pm
Closed on Monday





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