Pizza please, and raw!

Today I am thrilled to tell you about the first raw, vegan, gluten free pizza of my life!

I ate it at the new restaurant Rawtastic in Berlin that is specialised in raw cuisine meaning that all foods are served raw or cooked never more than 42 degrees Celsius. 

The good news is that everything is also 100% vegan and gluten free.

rawtastic raw vegan gluten free restaurant in berlin

The menu is really extensive: you can choose several kinds of antipasti including homemade raw cheese (I tasted it and it was very good), there are several main courses available including more classic dishes turned raw like the Italian Cacio e Pepe and the famous Pad Thai, there are also wraps, avocado toasts and pizza; and for dessert cheesecakes, açai bowl, crêpes and chocolate mousse! 

I think that everyone can find something to enjoy here.

I am Italian and born in Naples, the city of the best pizza in the world, and when I read pizza on the menu, I instantly knew that I just wanted to have it!

I can say that I am a very curious human being and quite open-minded when it comes down to food: I love tasting new cuisines, experiencing different flavours and textures.

I chose the Summer pizza: the base was made of buckwheat, zucchini and seeds. On top there was some yummy beetroot cheese, pesto, avocado, salad and raw vegan parmesan. 

Speaking about the consistency, it was different from the pizza we are used to eat but it was very tasty and I enjoyed each bite.

Besides it was a large, generous pizza so it didn’t left more room in my belly to try the desserts but at least, I already know what I will be having next time I am back to Rawtastic 😉

Eating raw can be really tasty and also good for us as the food comes with all of its precious nutritional properties that are not distroyed by high temperatures. 

Great gluten free vegan food coupled with the loveliness of the owner and his staff has made Rawtastic one of my favourite places to eat in Berlin.

rawtastic raw vegan gluten free pizza
rawtastic berlin raw vegan pizza


Danziger Str. 16
10435 Berlin
Tel: +49 172 4391287



Opening hours

Mon – Sat
11 am – 11 pm
12 am – 10 pm






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