Last week I was in the Marais in Paris, rushing between two meetings when I spotted something new in rue du Pont aux Choux: the famous American restaurant’s Rachel has recently opened a deli and take away just in the same street and opposite the restaurant! I couldn’t help getting inside.

There I met Maria and Birke, Rachel’s associates, and I discovered that among the incredible and wide choice of hot-dogs, home-made spreads and sauces, soups, pastramis, smoked fish, coleslaw, American cheese, salami and bagels, there are also gluten free options available. How happy I felt, I can’t really say!

I went for a sandwich as the gluten free bread is made fresh everyday at Rachel’s and despite the well-known warning “cross-contaminations with gluten are possible”, I couldn’t resist it…the sandwich was so generous, yummy, in one word…delicious!

At the deli, the gluten free fresh desserts available are some yummy rice crisps coated with white chocolate and the almond cookies that I bought and enjoyed later at home.

By the way, if you choose to eat at the restaurant, there is one gluten free cake on the menu: the lemon curd with French meringue. I had it with a good cup of tea. The cake was incredibly “gourmand”!

The deli is full of American and English products selected with the great care: from wine to beer, from meat to sauces, from honey to cereals the choice is wide and gluten free products have their place on the shelves as well.

Rachel’s deli will make many nostalgic foreigners living in Paris happy but also the growing tribe of foodies looking for the new experiences or just great food.

Do I have one last wish after such a fulfilling experience?!?

Well, yes, one…

Be able to taste one day the famous cheesecake by Rachel’s, elected the best of Paris, in its version gluten free 🙂

I love cheesecakes!


25, rue du Pont aux Choux
75003 Paris, France
Tel 0033 (0)1 44 61 69 68


Opening hours

Mon – Tue
12 am – 6 pm
Wed – Thu
12 am – 10 pm
Fry – Sat
12 am – 11 pm
11 am – 4 pm


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