Quinola gluten free quinoa

I recently discovered Quinola: a brand specialised in naturally gluten free quinoa that is also organic and sustainable: the quinoa comes from Perù where the brand not only works directly with the producers under the Fairtrade scheme, but they try and help them out in other ways too.

I was a big fan of quinoa already: this small ancient super-grain is packed with proteins and important nutrients so when I spotted the brand in Paris, at Bio c’ Bon grocery store, I decided to buy and taste it immediately.

I went for the pearl & black express version that is ready in a couple of minutes or even less in the microwave. I cooked it in a no-stick pan and not only the quinoa tasted great but it was al dente!

For an Italian like myself this is a plus +++

For dinner I married it with some red cabbage and onions that I found fresh at the market. I topped it with figs as I often love to marry sweet and savoury on a plate.

With a fantastic grain like quinoa and with such a versatile, easy to use product, the possibilities and the recipes are endless. Hope to have more soon.


To locate your nearest stockist:


In Paris, I bought it at:
Bio c’ bon
26 rue du Renard
75004 Paris


Opening Hours
Mon – Sat
10 am – 8 pm
10 am – 1 pm

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