Primrose’s Kitchen gluten free muesli

I was happy to discover Primrose’s kitchen during my last stay in London and it’s soon become one of my favourite brands.

At Primrose’s kitchen they make 100% natural, raw vegetable muesli in the heart of Dorset and they are the first brand to combine delicious muesli with the healthy properties of vegetables. Available one flavour with beetroot and the another with carrots that I tried. Furthermore all of their products range, that has expanded, is vegan and gluten free, lucky me!

I found the packaging so beautiful and the product so versatile: I had it with rice milk in the morning, as a snack in the afternoon or just sprinkled on my fruit salad in the evening. So good!

Primrose’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Primrose Matheson who decided to create a brand whose mission is to understand how our body works and keep it healthy. This desire led her into Naturopathic and Complementary health studies and a degree in Homeopathy, the knowledge of which she has used to design natural and wholesome foods.

Here it is some good advise from Primrose herself:

“We are constantly told what we should and shouldn’t eat, I ask people to listen to their body. If something makes you feel good and energised then eat it, if it does the opposite then don’t- it sounds simple but we have forgotten how intelligent our bodies are and when we listen to our bodies and make changes to our life we feel empowered. Everything in our life offers us an experience to grow from, when we find the answers within ourselves I believe we have found the root of happiness.”

Can’t wait to discover new products of this fantastic brand!

To read my interview to Primrose, the founder, click here.

Primrose’s Kitchen

Superfoods from Dorset! 


To shop on line, click here.


In London, I buy it at Whole Foods.
In Paris, I buy it at La Maison Plisson.


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