Veggie and gluten free in Belleville!

Last week I discovered Primeur, an organic and veggie restaurant with gluten free options that opened in Belleville, Paris, last September.

It’s my friend Alexandra from the blog that told me about it in the first place. Alexandra loves discovering new veggie spots when she is in town and when she tells me that she has enjoyed one place in particular, I knew for sure that I will love it too.

It means that it will be good, healthy and with large portions. Three qualities that we both appreciate very much.

vegetarian restaurant in belleville
primeur delicious hot soup
primeur delicious lunch in belleville

I arrive at Primeur around midday, the restaurant is nice and cosy, I like the wooden tables, the vintage chairs that remind me of those in my grandparents’ home in Italy, the big large window that over looks the street.

I take my seat just there. I don’t know about you but I love sitting close to the window and just looking at what happens in the street while I quietly enjoy my meal.

I choose a lunch menu that includes the daily soup, the sought-after Primeur salad and dessert.

Here all the ingredients are fresh and seasonal, selected with the greatest care from local producers. David, the chef, cooks all the dishes everyday, when you arrive you can spot him in the kitchen while cooking the soup or preparing the dessert, it makes you feel you like home.

My soup is big and delicious, it warms me up immediately given the big Parisian cold outside. The salad Primeur is so delicious and so beautiful to see: I love the poached egg just seated in the middle of an orchestra of perfectly seasoned vegetables and fruits. Quite a pity to eat it…

I take my time to deeply appreciate each bite.

To my greatest pleasure and surprise, I discover that all desserts are gluten free!

I choose the carrot cake that I enjoy at home later, during my afternoon tea.

It is very good: moist, I can feel the taste of the carrots and the grilled hazelnuts inside.

I can’t but recommend this place and I do agree with my friend that it is a treasure niched in the heart of colourful, vibrant Belleville!

primeur vegetarian restaurant
primeur yummy carrot cake


4 rue Lemon
75020 Paris



Opening Hours

Tue – Wed
12 am – 3 pm
Thu – Sat
12 am – 3 pm
7 – 10 pm
Closed on Sun and Mon








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