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Pousse Pousse is an organic, vegetarian, raw, gluten free restaurant, juice bar and organic shop all rolled up into one. It is focused on high-in-vitality, energy-booster superfoods, that are cooked raw or at low temperatures to preserve their properties and their taste. At Pousse Pousse good health always rhymes with gourmandise!

To start I delighted myself with their tasty crackers made with vegetables, fruit, spices and seeds that are dehydrated at very low temperatures. So good!

At Pousse Pousse they also bake gluten free fresh bread daily and it comes with buckwheat flour and almonds.

My lunch consisted in a delicious red gaspacho with beetroot, tomato, carrot, lemon and chives, followed by a fantastic raw dish with kolrhabi spaghetti, peperoni stuffed with cucumber and herbs, frayed spinach with tomatoes, red cabbage salad with balsamic vinegar sauce and pink berries, sprouted chickpeas caviar  with vegetables chips. Loved it!

Another day I was there, I enjoyed their Super Bowl: millet-amaranth-quinoa balls, raw chickpeas caviar with sprouted saffron, and a mix of roasted vegetable.

Besides at Pousse Pousse, everything is also lactose-free.

In a few words, I found my meals light, easy to digest, full of taste and vitality.

Pousse Pousse is the brainchild of Lawrence Aboucaya who worked in journalism and decoration before devoting herself to healthy superfoods cuisine. Lawence has been a true pioneer since she’s started to speak seeded sprouts and cook raw and gluten free 12 years ago in Paris when, back then, nobody was actually aware of these foods and the benefits that they can have for our health.

Today she challenges herself by experimenting new lactose-free recipes and she continues to delight her clients with new food, new products and also workshops that she organises at Pousse Pousse aiming at spreading an alternative way of eating, and also to put some fun in our plates as well.

If you go there, don’t forget to try her signature dessert: a divine raw, lactose free and gluten free, chocolate cake. So good !!

Pousse Pousse

5-7, rue Notre Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 53 16 10 81


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