Roberto and his passion for gluten free pizza!

I have spotted pizzaiolo napoletano aka Roberto Susta on Instagram for quite a while and since that day I have been literally salivating over his fantastic gluten free pizza that he posts daily from his pizzeria in Volla, close to Naples.

This week I finally went with my family to Pizzeria La vera pizza fiocco, to meet him in person and eat the “real” gluten free pizza, one of the best ever!

Roberto works with his brother Salvatore: in the morning they both teach at Dolce e Salato school and in the evening they are the master pizzaiolo who create incredibly yummy gluten free pizza.

I had a delicious Margherita with bufala mozzarella – my fave – tomato sauce and fresh basil.

As a welcome gift, Roberto prepared for me the renown “Montanara” that is the classic neapolitan fried pizza: I have’t had one in years! Roberto’s was soft inside, crunchy outside… simply divine! If you go there, you don’t want to miss the Pizza Fiocco, one special pizza created by Roberto and Salvatore that has soon become their trademark and one of clients’ most demanded pizza. The Pizza Fiocco is made of cream, mozzarella, baked ham and potato flakes. It’s like  Roberto and Salvatore’s madeleine de Proust: a memory of the typical family dishes they used to eat when they were children like the Italian Gatto or Crocché.

The ingredients on the pizza are super fresh and top quality. Roberto and Salvatore study carefully how to combine them in order to create special flavours and consistencies.

Another thing that made that evening special is the kindness of Roberto who welcomes you in with a big smile and he is ready to accommodate you in the best possible way. Besides he is smart and funny! You can’t but spend a great time at Pizzeria La vera pizza fiocco!

Pizzeria La vera pizza fiocco

Via Filichito, 102
80040 Volla (NA)
Tel. +39 081 773 16 13


Opening hours

Mon – Sat
7.30 – 12.30 pm
Closed on Sunday





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