Pizza Noglu

This week I needed some comfort food and for the Italian that I am, comfort food rhymes with some very good pasta, risotto, cake or a pizza.

I knew that Noglu, the first gluten free restaurant in the city of Paris, has pizza on the menu on Tuesdays and so the decision was easily taken…

Pizza, I am coming !!

The staff at Noglu is always very nice and it is a pleasure for me to go back and eat there.

That evening there was vegetarian pizza on the menu: the pizza crust was crunchy and soft and the ingredients top quality, as always in this restaurant. I did enjoy it.

I had also some good gluten free beer and the pizza came with the most loveliest salad ever!

I tried a delicious cauliflower soup and well…I couldn’t resist dessert either!!

I went for a carrot cake that was fluffy and utterly delicious.

I had a very nice time at Noglu.

To read my older post on Noglu and see what other yummy gluten free foods they make, it’s here:


16, Passage des Panoramas
75002 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 40 26 41 24)









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