Are you looking for the best gluten free macaron? Then it’s Pierre Hermé.


This is not like all the other posts and if you read it, you will understand why…

Hope you’ll enjoy. I did 😉

Dear Mr Pierre Hermé,

I still remember the first day I tasted one of your pastries: even if time passed by, it was in 2005, the feeling is still vivid in my memory. Actually I can remember the joy I felt when I ate it. It was like embarking on a wonderful journey with all my senses.

When I got outside the boutique in rue Bonaparte, I told myself, well, I would love to meet Mr Pierre Hermé in person one day, just to say…thank you!

Then one day I discovered I had celiac disease and for a brief moment my world fell apart: I could never eat again one pastry by Pierre Hermé!

Then I went back to Italy for a while.

Then I came back to Paris, to this city that I so much love, and one day I discover that the macarons are naturally gluten free and made of almond flour.

I start to radiate joy again.

At the boutique they tell me « Madame, there can be traces… » but well, I decide to take the risk and luckily I have never had any problem since then, on the contrary I keep enjoiyng what to me are the best macarons ever, along with my family.

Today I still have the same dream and one more wish: meet Mr Pierre Hermé in person to tell him thank you and eat together a gluten free plum cake signed Pierre Hermé…

Yours faithfully,


Baci di Dama. Living gluten free.

Pierre Hermé

72 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Tel +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77


To find other shops, use the store locator:
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Opening hours

Mon – Sun
10 am – 8 pm








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