Here it is PH7, a vegetarian restaurant in Paris with gluten free options on the menu that made me curious since the first time I started hearing talking about it.

The reason why is that I love learning and that’s what basically PH7 is all about. Starting from the ingredients we put on our dish, we can learn to create that good balance that is the PH7, not too acid, not too basic, that is key to keep our body in good health.

PH7 or how to look for the right balance…on a dish!

Here it is what I ate, my main course was called the “alcaline”, a nice combination of both fresh and cooked vegetables, served with cereals and spices. All gluten free, vegan and yummy. I loved what I ate, the consistencies were great, the taste was good, I felt completely satisfied after eating it.

One other thing that I was told at PH7… breathe and eat slowly!

Something that is SO the opposite of what I do everyday, always in a rush especially for lunch…Such a bad habit! I know it and I am determined to change it. PH7 was good to remind me of that.

As I almost “never” say no to dessert, I went for the vegan and gluten free chocolate mousse with chickpeas water and dark chocolate: it was light, it was good!

PH7 is also a family run business and if you go there, you can meet Murielle et Claudia Zémor, mother and daughter, who share a common passion for good healthy food that is good for you but also gratifies you when you eat it.

One last word to add… thank you for the beautiful experience that I made!


21, rue Le Peletier
75009 Paris
Tel. +33 09 83 87 95 95


Opening hours

Mon – Sat
9 am- 5 pm
Thurdays evening as well





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