My Petite Factory coffee shop

Today I met with Solène from the lovely blog Sunny délices and we headed together to My Petite Factory in Lyon, a newly opened spot in town that is a coffee shop, a take away and a catering specialised in 100% gluten free food, with many options on the menu that are also lactose free and vegan. 

Because I was not used to have places like these when I was younger, to me it is always a moment of pure happiness to step inside a place like My Petite Factory that is both beautiful, warm, laid-back, and has such a wonderful display of fresh gluten free foods: from bagels to quiches, from soups to savoury crumbles, to salads, the choice of fresh, home-made food is wide. My only question was … what am I going to eat now??!! I enjoyed one fantastic, vegan quinoa salad with chickpeas, carrots, zucchini, beetroot and a freshly pressed “hangover” juice made of apples, kale and ginger, loved them both!

As dessert I had one delicious muffin with chestnut cream and my very favourite was the big cookie that is also vegan. It was crunchy outside, soft inside, full of taste… just the perfect cookie!

At My Petite Factory I had the chance to meet with Virginie, the founder and also a successful blogger of the beautiful Delicious Happiness. Virginie is intolerant to both gluten and lactose and she shares the battle to spread the culture of good, healthy gluten free, lactose free food. With My Petite Factory her objective is to propose simple yet great tasting food that can be eaten by everybody for lunch, at tea time or for an early dinner, food that is both is organic and locally sourced. Lately she is specialising herself also in catering and cooking classes. Virginie is a smart, determined and open-minded young woman. It was a pleasure for me to exchange with her and share a common vision on gluten free. I do hope to be back soon here.

My Petite Factory

17, rue Neuve
69001 Lyon
Tel 0033 04


Opening hours

Mon – Sat
10 am – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday








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