Pasta with salmon, tomatoes and dill

Yesterday I went to the fishmonger as I had an idea in mind about a recipe I wanted to make: fresh salmon with whole rice gluten free penne, cherry tomatoes, some red onions and a sprinkle of dill!

In the South of Italy where I come from, we are used to marry fish with pasta and in this way we create dishes that are healthy, tasty and so perfectly balanced: they have proteins, carbo and good fats. All that we need to nourish ourselves in the best possible way. Besides it is super easy to make!


Cut the onion in thin slices, the salmon in small pieces and the cherry tomatoes in two halves. Take a large pan, add the extra virgin olive oil and the onion. Fry it gently over low heat until it turns blond. Add the cherry tomatoes, a pinch of salt and turn the heat on medium/high. After a couple of minutes and when the pan gets hot, add the salmon, a pinch of salt on the salmon and stir gently. It will cook quite quickly. Turn the heat off and put the pan aside.


Take a large pot. Add water and put it over medium heat. When the water is about to boil add the pasta and then a pinch of salt. When the pasta is “al dente”, drain all the water.


Add the pasta in the pan and put the pan back over medium/high heat. Stir all the ingredients for a couple of minutes so that they will mix together beautifully. Turn off the heat and serve with a sprinkle of fresh dill.

Buon Appetito !



Recipe for 2 :
– 200 gr of gluten free whole rice pasta
– 300 gr salmon
– 350 gr cherry tomatoes
– 6 tbl spoons of extra virgin olive oil
– 1 medium size red onion
– 1 salt
– dill



Recipe by Chiara

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