Maria Fermanelli is one of those women that I can’t but admire: since I discovered I had celiac disease, I have become a happy and faithful customer of her artisanal, delicious gluten free products range called “Cose dell’altro pane” produced in an ancient monastery, outside Rome. This week I was very happy to meet her in person at Pandali, her latest achievement: one fantastic gluten free bakery and pastry shop with take away close to the Pantheon. To Maria work is her passion and it shows: Pandali is a place filled with love to make the best gluten free fresh pizza, calzoni, suppli, bread, brioche, cookies, muffins, biscuits, tarts using only top quality ingredients and an unique Italian baking savoir-faire.

At Pandali you can splurge in one of the best gluten free breakfast ever! I did love my gluten free brioche with vanilla custard and sultanas, so soft, so good! But if you stop there for lunch as I did the day after with my mother, you can be still be surprised by the variety of yummy calzone, pizza, suppli, and other specialties that are cooked fresh everyday. The gluten free panbrioche that I ate with salmon and rocket was spectacular.

Maria tells me that all the flours, from rice to buckwheat, from corn to chickpea, are selected with great care and grounded on stone especially for Pandali. I also tasted the gluten free fresh bread: there is with buckwheat, corn or chickpea. It’s soft and crunchy at the same time, one of the best that I have ever eaten.

Before leaving, I bought some cookies and biscuits that I ate with my mother during our afternoon tea: loved all of them! Some of them are also vegan and so good.

I was happy that I could share this gluten free experience with my mother who eats gluten and see how she liked eating gluten free. And to be honest, my mum is kind of demanding on food. That shows that when gluten free is made with love, care for the best ingredients  and hard work as it is at Pandali, it is great and good for everybody!


Via di Torre Argentina, 3
00186 Roma
Tel. 0039 06 6813 6731


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
7.30 am – 4 pm
Sat – Sun
9.30 am – 7.30 pm









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