Pana Cacao gluten free chocolate

Pana Cacao is a fantastic gluten free chocolate brand from Australia.

Last week I interviewed Primrose, founder of one gluten free brand that I love, Primrose’s kitchen, and as I usually do in my interviews, I ask people which is their favourite gluten free food.

Primrose told me about some gluten free chocolate called Pana Cacao from Australia, for its luxurious, generous texture and incredible taste.

I haven’t heard about this brand before and in my head I thought that the only way to get to know it, it was actually flying to Australia one day…! Not a bad idea after all…

Last Saturday I went grocery shopping at Welcome Bio in Paris and I was attracted by some beautiful, small packaging popping up from the shelves.

I got closer and read the label…Pana Cacao…No way!! Here in France too!

I was happy as a clam. I chose my flavour, coconut and goji berries, and couldn’t wait to taste it. Ah chocolate, you have such power on me!

Pana Cacao is gluten free chocolate that is beautiful inside outside, the more I unveiled and the more I liked it!

There they come the sweet little words graved on the chocolate cubes, the cherry on the cake!

I had a first bite and I was smitten, so good, so intense! It melted in my mouth.

The brand is gluten free, organic, raw and vegan, with no added sugars.

Each gluten free chocolate is hand-made, all the packaging are eco-friendly.

I couldn’t help resisting another bite and yet another…totally addictive as all good chocolate has to be.

The brand was founded in Melbourne by Pana Barbounis with the objective of creating rich, luxurious chocolate that everybody – no matter his/her food issues – could deeply and fully enjoy.

This gluten free chocolate is really smooth, rich, and silky, and because it is also raw – the temperature never gets over 42 degrees – it preserves all the precious antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are typical of cacao beans.

Pana Cacao is definitely good for us!

Pana Chocolate


In Paris I buy it at:

Welcome Bio

10 Rue Boulle
75011 Paris

Opening hours

Mon – Sat
10 am  – 8 pm










  • Avatar Louise says:

    I also discovered those small chocolates in La Vie Claire the other day. I tried the cinnamon one and it is still on shelf, waiting for a very special day. Looking forward to trying it 😉

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