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Pan per Focaccia is one of my favourite gluten free restaurants in Turin. Despite handling also gluten, they have a AIC certification (from the Italian Celiac Association) that means that they cook gluten free in a separate kitchen and they have been trained to avoid any risk of cross contamination with gluten.

This week I am back in the city for work and was happy to have dinner there yesterday.

I chose some delicious and fresh gluten free ravioli with ricotta, pumpkin and a tasty yellow cherry tomatoes sauce. The yellow ones are called “del piennolo” and come from the Vesuvio area, where I was born, in the South of Italy. They are particularly sweet and they turn golden once cooked.

After, well, I was still hungry, my journey from Paris by train was quite long (!), so I indulged in a local pork cooked with pineapple, cinnamon and black rice. I loved the savoury and sweet flavours of this dish. The pork was particularly tender.

Maurizio Amodio, owner and founder of Pan per Focaccia, explains me that he takes care at selecting the best possibile ingredients in order to keep the quality of the food high. Besides he is been experimenting and cooking gluten free for six years now, and he attained good results as per what I ate. His gluten free pizza too is one of the best that I have ever had.

To finish I could’t resist dessert but I chose light yet yummy and opted of a green apple, celery sorbet by Gelato Amico.

Gelato Amico is an ice-cream shop in Turin specialised in vegan, gluten free, lactose free ice-creams. I can say that I did love mine 🙂

Maurizio tells me that he is working at opening a new place, a “rosticceria” as we call it in Italian, where he will propose his gluten free specialties with a different formula.

What can I say…? Cant’t wait! Stay tuned 😉

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Pan per Focaccia

Via Conte Verde, 7/a
10122 Torino
Tel. +39 011 439 6610


Opening hours

Open daily
from 12.30 am – 3.00 pm
from 7.30-12.00 pm





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