Pampille is a new Parisian brand specialised in artisanal, organic golden lattes, vegan and gluten free, made with a super food that I particularly enjoy: turmeric.

Pampille is also a beautiful story, that of Sarah Umer, a loving young woman whose heart is big, whose values I share, whose manners are delicate and kind.

Sarah has grown up between Paris and India: since she was a little girl she got used to drinking golden lattes in her family and this is why today she has decided to start her own company to make this precious latte become well-known.

pampille paris floral
pampille paris floral

Turmeric is a spice that is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, then combined to artisanal almond or cashew or pistachio lattes, it is just impossible to resist!

Available in three flavours: floral, fruité and épicé, Pampille is also an olfactory experience: since your first sip, you can feel all the flavours delicately opening up in your mouth …one after the other… like a rose in full blossom!

I do love to take my time when I drink it and try to guess all the different flavours that I can feel.

Today I am very honoured to work on the brand and imagine photos that speak of its universe, an universe that resonates with mine.

This collaboration allows me also to disclose a story of women behind the brand and develop a relationship with Sarah made of precious sharing, invaluable support, strength, courage and lots of love.

Thank you Sarah.

Thank you Pampille.

pampille paris amelie
pampille paris chiara
pampille paris chiara fruite



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