Delicious gluten free pastries!

From the passion of a talented French pastry chef and from the Love of a mother for her celiac daughter, Onyriza was born in rue du Château d’Eau in Paris, a few weeks ago, and a few blocks away from the well know République Square.

Onyriza is the new gluten free Parisian pastry shop founded by Karen Le Guillerm, a well-know author of the gluten free recipes blog Les délices d’Auxane.

For Karen, reaching 40 years old was, an important turning point in her life: she decided to give up her job, reach out to her passion for French pastries and to open up her own pastry shop.

But most of all she wanted to please her daughter who’s got celiac disease since she was born and she wanted her to grow up feeling like all the other children, giving her the possibility to have cakes if she wanted to and to share them with her friends at any time she felt to.

onyriza gluten free fruit tarts
onyriza karen paris
onyriza pâtisseries sans gluten à paris

At Onyriza, you can find all sort of delicious pastries: fruits tarts, madeleines, financiers, cakes, muffins, cookies, chouquettes, praliné, lemon tarts, chocolate cakes, pain aux raisins (The French cousin of the cinnamon roll) and so much more.

Since the moment I stepped in, I felt welcome and at my ease: this is something that makes me like this place even more. I am a believer that the way you are treated is so important and Karen is super nice, her beautiful blue eyes smile at you and they sparkle when she talks about her pastries and her newly born project.

While I was there I tasted the fruits tarts with a cup of tea: so beautiful and so good!

Karen creates them like they were beautiful flowers or miniature gardens; it is almost a pity to eat them…!

She made me also taste her homemade gluten free bread: fluffy and tasty. Karen is actually working on savoury dishes to propose soon on the menu at Onyriza.

Here everything is artisanal: all ingredients are natural, no processed sugar or industrial additives made their way in Karen’s pastry shop. She takes great care at selecting her supplier and to use season and fresh ingredients.

So if you are around, stop by to say hello and most of all, « régalez-vous bien » with her pastries, as they say it in French!

onyriza delicious gluten free pastries
onyriza new gluten free pastries
onyriza gluten free roll
onyriza gluten free French pain aux raisins


38, rue du Château d’Eau
75010 Paris 



Opening Hours

Tue – Sat
11.30 am – 7 pm
Closed on Monday and Sunday







  • Avatar Stephanie Lark says:

     I am staying in paris next week and I have extensive food allergies. I am wondering if it is possible for me to have anything on your menu? I am allergic to: Gluten DairyNuts Soy Sugar (honey and maple syrup is fine) 
    Hopefully there is something I can have.Stephanie

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