Gluten free vegan breakfast in Paris

Today I am happy to tell you about a coffee shop that was love at first sight : Oatmeal Paris by Reale.

Oatmeal Paris is “the” new spot in the 5th arrondissement, not far from the Pantheon, where I suggest you to go.

It was my friend Chloé from the blog Healthy Malo kitchen that made me discover it in the first place and I am so grateful.

This coffee shop is specialised in vegan food with gluten free options.

The specialty here are its fantastic oats that are also available without gluten, you just need to ask for it when you order them.

Oats served in delicious porridge bowls, available both sweet and savoury. I tasted both of them and I loved them all.

The sweet porridge was incredibly yummy: it came with almond milk, gluten free oats, bananas, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Such great comfort food. I had it on a Saturday morning relaxing while looking outside, from the beautiful large widows of the coffee shop.

I also took a matcha latte with almond milk, it was one of the best matcha latte ever.

My friends know how much I love matcha and this one was very tasty.

gluten free vegan breakfast in Paris
delicious gluten free oatmeal in Pparis
gluten free matcha latte in paris

The fairy behind this coffee shop and project is Reale, a beautiful young woman who created it with much love and it shows.

When you step inside, you feel like you entered her house: the design is beautiful, bright and peaceful, you can see that there is care in the choice of every single detail and furniture, it feels homey and cosy.

The big wooden table in the middle of the room is my favourite.

I love sitting at common tables when I find them: it can be the occasion to start some nice chit-chat with your neighbour and who knows what it might entails.

Oatmeal Pparis by reale
delicious gluten free vegan Oatmeal in Pparis
yummy gluten free chocolate mousse
Oatmeal Paris in a bar with gluten free options

Another day I went back to taste the gluten free savoury oatmeal made by Reale with oats, grilled vegetables, basil, peanuts, and Tamari sauce. It was delicious!

I had a pink latte with beetroot and almond milk to go with it. Very good this one too.

As dessert, I opted for a vegan, gluten free dark chocolate mousse. The chocolate was intense and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Reale, as she tells me, will keep experimenting and proposing new recipes at the coffee shop.

Oatmeal Paris is her way to  cook and share the food she loves.

When you go there, you will feel welcomed and to me, it is like taking a moment to pamper myself with good food, breathe deeply and relax for a while, after a busy day of work.

Looking forward to going back there soon.

gluten free coffee shop in Paris
gluten free coffee shop in Paris
gluten free coffee shop - Paris

Oatmeal Paris 

11bis Rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris
Tel. +33 06 43 01 83 74






The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten


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