Nous is a fast food restaurant located in the lovely rue de Paradis in Paris 9th arrondissement.

Nous is the adventure of Paula + Henri who met in China and travelled a lot before coming back to Paris with a bag full of fantastic food experiences all to share and to enjoy.

Nous is smile food because whenever you eat food, that is delicious, fresh, healthy, prepared with love, you can’t but smile.

At Nous everybody can find what he likes to eat: the menu offers a variety of possibilities from gluten free to vegetarian, from burgers & wraps to chicken salads. All the ingredients are selected by Paula and Henri with much care, they know all of their suppliers and the food is locally sourced and made in France.

Another thing about Nous, everything comes in a box like the “noulettes de boeuf” that I ate: delicious meatballs with fresh chili sauce, rice from Camargue – from in the South of France – and a healthy salad of red cabbage, peas, and pumpkin seeds. It was very good and gently spiced, just as I like it.

As dessert I opted for a glazed “carrot cake” muffin, how could I resist?!

At Nous the spirit is to share, to talk, and to enjoy experiences around food: Paula and Henri welcome you in the most friendly way, they are willing to tell you the many stories that hide behind a recipe or the latest dessert they just made.

The large table is definitely an opportunity to meet other people if you are in the mood of. It reminds me of the dining table in my grandparents’ house in Sorrento: so big to embrace the whole family + guests.

And if you are missing Nous and you don’t have time to stop by, well they have a solution: book your favorite dish at home via the web site Take Eat Easy.

Take Eat Easy is a fantastic project made in Brussels aiming at delivering home the best food from the best restaurants in town at affordable prices (transport costs just 3,50€…!). Today I decided to try it and I have to say that they made it right, they made it on time, they made it on a bike.

So here I got another special Nous box…lucky me…the “noulettes veggie” ! Chickpeas balls cooked in the oven with yogurt + mint sauce, rice from Camargue perfectly al dente and a fresh salad of white cabbage, fennel, carrots and sesame seeds. It was delicious!

Last but not least, for the first time in my life I tried …the gluten free Quinoa Beer!

I have to say, I was a bit scared to try it because before discovering I was celiac I did love drinking beer, I remember the taste of it and I didn’t want to be disappointed with a gluten free one.

Well, this one was very good. Nothing less than classic beers. I went to sleep happy.


16 rue de Paradis
75010 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)9 80 92 72 10


Opening hours

12 am – 10 pm
Closed on Sat and Sun





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