Noglu bakery NY 

I have been showing you Noglu for quite a while now…Noglu was the first 100% gluten free restaurant to open in Paris in 2012 and one of my favourite places to be. Its pastries are delicious: beautiful to see and great to eat. Their fresh baked bread is just yummy and what about the brioche…love that too!

When I heard that Noglu founder Frédérique Jules has recently opened a new venue in New York City, I wanted to spread the news immediately!

On my web site all the photos are mine but for this time I made an exception and they are copyright Noglu as I have not been to Noglu New York yet but I can say that I have tasted and enjoyed all the tarts, cakes and sandwiches I am showing here: in Paris I am a regular at Noglu 🙂

Frédérique Jules chose to bring to the city French savoir-faire in pastries and baking by creating a place where you can both sit or take away this delicious food. She is very fond of New York and for her it looked natural, after the success of Noglu Paris, to fly the ocean and open a new spot in one of her favourite cities in the world.

The philosophy at Noglu is about creating recipes and food that are so good that everybody can enjoy them, not only people intolerant or sensitive to gluten.

Sitting at a table is a moment of sharing, bonding, relaxing, being with friends or family, this is why food has a key role to bring all these people together.

Noglu team has always worked hard to propose excellent food that is prepared fresh everyday, using only the best ingredients.

I am happy to support a project like this. I share this philosophy myself and with Baci di Dama. Living gluten free I really want to show people that gluten free is an alternative way of eating, as good and as healthy as all the other foods can be!

If you go there, please report back, would love to hear how you like it 🙂

Noglu bakery

1266 Madison Avenue (91st street)
10128 New York
Tel. +1 646-895-9798


Opening hours

Open Daily
7.30 am – 6 pm










  • Avatar Jennie Brown says:

    Noglu NYC lives up to its Parisian counterpart! It was one of the highlights of my trip to NY! It was like being in Paris all over again! Hands down the best GF bakery around and we tried another GF bakeries in NYC and in our native Chicago area. Now if they just open one in Chicago, I will be so so happy!

    • Avatar bacididama says:

      Dear Jennie, thank you so much for your words ! I will report back to Frédérique who is the founder of Noglu, she will be so happy to know 🙂 Much love to you !

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