The first 100% gluten free bakery in Sorrento!

Finally there is a 100% bakery and pastry shop in my hometown too and it’s called No Glù.

I am very happy to say the least.

When my mum called me a month ago telling me about it, I was thrilled.

In Sorrento there was so little on gluten free foods in general that it’s like taking a fresh breath.

The idea of a place where I can go to have breakfast or tea, buying fresh bread or a piece of cake it’s a dream come true; I think that this feeling is shared with many celiac people like myself who live here.

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noglu welcome to the new gluten free bakery

Luigi, co-founder along with his cousins Simone and Emiliano, tells me that he got the idea because of his friends suffering from celiac disease. He grew up with them and he knew how frustrated it could be not to find something good to eat or having to drive miles and miles before finding a decent place where they could eat pizza or a cake!

The idea of a 100% gluten free bakery and pastry shop in Sorrento flourished in his mind a couple of years ago and then, piece by piece, he pulled it all together with his family.

Luigi is more focused on the managing and communication part of the business while Emiliano and Simone share their skills to develop the recipes for gluten free bread, pizza, Italian pastries, brownies, cheesecake, croissants, biscuits and cakes.

A real challenge at the beginning. Emiliano has been making bread with gluten with his mother in a well-known bakery in Sorrento for over 20 years. Making gluten free, as he tells me, it was like starting it all over again: gluten free flours and starches work differently if compared to the gluten ones and he had to learn about a complete new world.

Today they are very happy about the project and how positively people have responded to it.

noglu bakery founders
noglu gluten free caprese
noglu gluten free cakes

I was definitely one happy customer when I bit into one delicious, moist and fluffy gluten free brioche with my morning cappuccino the other day. It was SO good!

I also tried the panettone, the madeleine and the chocolate chips cookies, they were all good.

I also had some white bread, and I have to tell you that I am not a huge fan of white bread in general, so I do look forward to tasting the whole one they will be proposing soon at the bakery.

Pizza is also available for lunch or for an early dinner, and I will definitely taste it next time I am in town.

The coffee shop is very nice and cosy, it makes a lovely place to spend some time in good company.

One last word that I would like to add to this post…

Congratulations Luigi, Simone and Emiliano, your project is AMAZING !

noglu gluten free brioche
noglu gluten free bread
noglu gluten free baguette
noglu gateau sans gluten

No Glu

Corso Italia, 81/A
80063 Piano di Sorrento
Tel. +39 081 1951 9583









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