A great feel good gluten free food

Since I came back to Paris almost three years ago, NeoBento has always been one of my favorite spots in town. Why? Well, the food is great, I can always find some good gluten free options on the menu, it is fun and creative to make your own bento by choosing the ingredients you would like to eat and Lionel, the owner, and his team are so welcoming, friendly and nice that it is a real pleasure for me to go back there anytime I can.

Good gluten free food.
Some good gluten free options.

Yesterday I went there with my dear friend Celia for some friends’ catch up and great feel good gluten free food.

At NeoBento making food actually rhymes with FeelGoodCuisine: the food always comes with a smile and that’s what makes it so special.

Everything is homemade and prepared fresh everyday sourcing the best possible ingredients. The options you can choose from aim to offer you a balanced meal: they include different kinds of vegetables, protein, good carbohydrates, nuts, fresh fruit, exquisite French cheese or soya as an alternative and of course there is always room for dessert!

Every day Lionel has always a gluten free dessert available to eat: my fave are the “fondant” with chocolate and the polenta cake. Both chewy, moist and utterly delicious!

A gluten free dessert.

The design of the place is so cute! From wallpaper to cushions, from the cat – NeoBento mascotte – present in so many shapes and forms to the bathroom, one of the nicest I have ever seen, to absolutely check out if you go. And if you are as lucky as I was, in the ladies’s room, there will be some Japanese music being played 😉

One last thing to add, the price, a real bargain to me and for a city as expensive as Paris can be.

A bento is 12,50 euro and it’s generous. If you are not that hungry you can also have a smaller one at 8,50 euro. It includes one cup of tea.

So many good reasons to pop up at Neobento and say hello!

ps If you would like to discover more about Neobento, click here to read a nice, inspiring interview to Lionel.

Pret pour votre Bento therapie?
Neobento: Feel-Good Cuisine
Neobento: Feel-Good Cuisine


5, rue des Filles du Calvaire
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 09 83 87 81 86


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday
12 am- 6 pm
12 am – 4.30 pm




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