Nanan pastry shop

Nanan is an old-fashioned French word used once to indicate something good and sweet like candies. Nanan today is a newly opened pastry shop in Paris that is niched in one of my favourite streets: rue Keller in the 11th arrondissement. For all adventure that begins, I was happy to find out not only that some of those deliciously looking pastries are naturally gluten free but also that Nanan is a beautiful story: the story of Sophie and Yukiko.

Yukiko tells me that she left Japan with the dream of learning the art of the best pastry making and she decided to head to France. Here she worked at the Plaza Athénée et ensuite chez Gerard Mulot where she learnt all the French classics. But it was during her job at Pierre Gagnaire restaurant that she met with Sophie. The two bonded immediately and one day they decided to set the challenge to open up their own pastry shop, 100% natural – no artificial colourings – 100% gourmand! Nanan was born.

At Nanan the kitchen handles also gluten so traces are possible.

As far as I am concerned I could not resist one of my favourite desserts ever: the Mont Blanc! The one at Nanan is the best I have eaten so far…I loved how the passion fruit married with the chestnut. I also enjoyed the French financiers and the Matcha tea dessert with citrus: if you love Matcha as much I do, you will just love this one as well.

Yukiko tells me that in the future they are planning to have more gluten free pastries…can’t be happier! Sophie and Yukiko are really talented and I just can’t wait to see what their next gluten free pastries are going to be like.


38, rue Keller
75011 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 83 41 38 49


Opening hours

Wed – Fri
8.30 am- 8 pm
Sat – Sun
10 am – 4 pm C
Closed Mon – Tue



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