Nana restaurant

Nana is a lovely, new café and restaurant in Paris 11th arrondissement.

Nana is Charlotte + Nathalie, two incredible women, with great positive energy, that decided to start this adventure together in August 2015.

Nana is French + Italian cuisine, using only fresh, top quality ingredients with some gluten free options here and there on the menu so to please everybody who sits at their table.

Before lunch I got the chance to chit-chat a bit with Nathalie who, by hearing my accent, immediately spotted I am Italian and she told me that she is actually married to an Italian and they got married in Naples…my hometown! How nice! Besides I don’t live there, I love my city and I know that it might not be the easiest place to live but it is still so beautiful and very inspiring in my opinion.

At Nana the kitchen handles also gluten but my meal was perfectly fine and I enjoyed every crumb of it.

I started with the most delicious and gourmand salad of hot lentils from Pantelliera, scamorza – a typical Italian smoked cheese, I love it ! – dried meat and a “granité” of olive oil. It was de-li-cious !

I was given fresh gluten free bread..couldn’t be happier.

The dessert – that is marked gluten free on the menu – was a yummy cake made of pistachio, black cherries and a light cream. So good !

As outside it was literally freezing, I opted for the Nana special herbal tea made of ginger and lemon. Definitely a good detox after such a happy meal.

At Nana, Charlotte and Nathalie are always looking for the best food: from France to Italy, they are searching and scooping the best local artisans around.

Hearing Nathalie talking about the great gorgozola cheese she lately found in Bergamo, Italy, or the newly arrived white truffles, it was like being embarked with her on a fantastic journey around food and… I would just love to go with her next time 🙂


10, rue Breguet
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 43 38 27 19


Opening hours

Monday 8.15 am- 3 pm
also 6-11 pm
Tue – Wed 8.15 am- 3 pm
 Thu – Fri 8.15 am- 3 pm
also 6-11 pm
Closed on Sat and Sun



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