Yesterday I was in the Grands Boulevards area for a work meeting and I decided to end up my day at My Free Kitchen 100% gluten free take away restaurant and coffee shop.

For the evening the menu changes and Carole and her brother Philippe propose fresh home-made pizza, bruschette, and other yummy options to enjoy for an aperitivo and an early dinner.

I went for the pizza, how could I not ?? I was born in Naples where the pizza was born…cliché but so true ;)!

Available for the day two flavours: with vegetables or with ham. I went vegetarian and I chose vegetables.

Overall it was very tasty: Carole puts much effort and love in what she makes and it shows: all the ingredients were prepared by her, the tomato sauce was so tasty, and everything was perfectly balanced.

I also enjoyed an arugula salad with pine nuts that came with the pizza.

To drink there is also gluten free beer, and wine.

You can’t leave My Free Kitchen without a “friandise” by Carole: we are both gourmand so I picked up mine and it was a yummy chocolate chips cookies with toasted hazelnuts …mmmhh I do recommend it, it was so good!

pS Love her cups collection…!

To read my older post on My Free Kitchen:

My Free Kitchen

1 bis, rue Bleue
75009 – Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 01 67 64








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