Morsi e Rimorsi

Last Friday was evening out and I proposed my family to go to Caserta to visit the city and try the new spot in town: Morsi e Rimorsi pizzeria that is specialised also in gluten free pizza.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is wonderful and outstanding. It is worth the trip and even more.

I was also very happy about Morsi e Rimorsi: the gluten free food is great, the place is so nice and the staff working there is very open, friendly and welcoming.

I started with a delicious gluten free pizza called “la colorata” a.k.a. the coloured one: bufala mozzarella cheese, red and yellow cherry tomatoes (so sweet!) and a julienne of fresh basil.

I shared with my mom another fantastic gourmet gluten free pizza with Fior di Latte cheese from Agerola, codfish, endive, and pinenuts.

I have to say that the pizza crust was very soft: the pizza dough actually rises for 24 hours, and the ingredients on top were premium, super fresh and very good.

Morsi e Rimorsi motto is actually “the ingredients first, the pizza after”. Of course pizza dough is key to them but they also care about selecting the best ingredients from all over Italy.  According to me, a very good price/quality ratio.

The gluten free menu is really interesting: the pizza choices are several, you can also eat some fried specialties and there is gluten free dessert as well. Ice-cream or Tiramisù, just hard to make a choice!

Later on I got the chance to talk a little bit to Giuseppe Folgore, the pizzaiolo of Morsi e Rimorsi, as I am always curious to know the people who make great gluten free foods.

Giuseppe tells me that he has attended a course on gluten free pizza and then he has been trying by himself over and over. Every day he works hard to make his gluten free pizza always better. He showed me some photos of the pizza he made at the very beginning since his latest achievements: shall I say it, Great ! Keep going Giuseppe !!!

Morsi e Rimorsi

Via dei Bersaglieri, 14
81100 Caserta (CE)
Tel. +39 0823 327822



Opening hours

Open daily from 7.30 pm




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