100% Gluten free allergy-free food!

Mon histoire dans l’assiette is the name of the first gluten free restaurant in Lyon and it literarily means ‘my story in a dish’.

There is actually SO much in the food we eat everyday that I am always passionate and curious to know more about it.

Today I am happy to tell you the story of this restaurant located in the picturesque street called rue Longue, in Lyon city centre.

mon histoire dans l'assiette gluten free restaurant

Mon histoire dans l’assiette is family-run business started fives years ago, an adventures that still continues today with the same energy and determination. 

Christine and her son Simon run the restaurant: Christine is in the kitchen and prepares all the dishes while Simon greets the clients in and spends time with them.

Mon histoire dans l’assiette is the first and still the only allergy-free restaurant in Europe meaning no gluten, no dairy, no nuts, no sea shells or soya.

A real challenge but Christine wasn’t scared a bit to launch herself in it: sensitive to people who were facing food issues on a daily bases, she wanted to prove everyone, especially the most sceptical ones, that you could eat ‘without’ but still ‘with’ pleasure!

Her biggest challenge? I asked her.

The desserts, she told me.

She asked the help of a master pastry chef in Lyon and together they made the sweet menu of Mon histoire dans l’assiette.

From Mondays to Saturdays you can always find one hot dish – vegetarian / with meat or fish – that is cooked following the French culinary tradition or the Lyonnais one, there are also soups, salads and desserts like the fondant au chocolat or la panna cotta with red berries.

I had a chestnut velouté and a guinea fowl with vegetables. They were both very tasty. 

The gluten free bread is artisanal – Christine makes small buns that are SO addictive…crusty outside, fluffy inside, it was delicious!

Mon histoire dans l’assiette invites each of one to tell a bit of our story, what we see in a dish, what we like, what we think, and there is not better place to me to do this … “a tavola” as we love to say in Italian!

mon histoire dans l'assiette gluten free restaurant soup
mon histoire dans l'assiette gluten free lunch

Mon histoire dans l’assiette

10, Rue Longue
69001 Lyon
Tél.  04 78 28 38 53











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