M**Bun is the first slow fast food in Turin that celebrates healthy good food supplied locally by the best farms in the region of Piemonte, it is eco-friendly and also gluten free.

Even if the kitchen handles also gluten, at M**Bun the personnel has been trained to avoid any possible cross contamination.

I always make a stop there when I am in town. Plus the staff is always nice and professional, the design is colorful and bold, the atmosphere laid-back, and red is one of my favorite colors, maybe you remember my hair… 😉

All the ingredients are fresh – nothing is frozen including the meat and the potatoes.

I decided to start with a nice salad with cherry tomatoes and carrots “à la juilienne”.

I took a delicious chicken burger with gluten free bread and ketchup sauce.

By the way all the sauces are prepared fresh by M**Bun on a daily basis and this one I tried is particularly tasty.

They have a good variety of burgers: last time I was there, I tried the “fassona” one with meat that is typical of the region of Piemonte, the “fassona” being the name of the cows they raise here.

If you are vegetarian there are several options on the menu that you can choose, like a burger made of egg-plant and tomatoes or you can splurge in one typical cheese from Turin: the robiola. They serve it grilled, natural or with pears. Still to try this one but it looks so yummy!

There is no burger without fries and here there are mine. The staff explains me that the potatoes are selected seasonally + peeled + cut + fried at the moment. They are delicious!

At M**Bun, the products you eat are also the products you buy: from the meat to the cheese, from the locally produced beers to cakes & sweets, everything is available on sale and to take away.

The robiola cheese is selected from local farmers of the Cascina Fontanacervo. All the meat is supplied by the Scaglia Farm.

I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it the first time but in Turin people are definitely daring and creative: a few years ago they invented the first Italian cola…!

It is called Molecola as an homage to the “Mole Antonelliana” which is one of the most famous monuments of the city. I haven’t tasted it yet but people are telling me that is very good. The red one that is the classic cola is also gluten free certified, the one for kids is caffeine-free and the black one is zero sugar.

Before leaving I was told that M**Bun is working on a full range of gluten free cakes and sweets to be available soon: one more good reason to go back!


Via Rattazzi 4 – Turin
Tel. (0039)011 19704606


Opening hours

Open Daily
12 am -12 pm







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