Delicious gluten free pizza in Naples!

Mascagni is a renowned pizzeria and restaurant in Naples that specialised in gluten free pizza many years ago.

Today all of their know how is at the service of their clients: Marianna Caprio, who welcomes me in when I arrive at the restaurant, tells me that she is the one who developed the gluten free pizza dough and in order to make it easier to digest and even tastier, she regularly adds her own buckwheat sourdough to it.

And today she also makes the famous Neapolitan fried pizza if you are in the mood of it.

pizzeria mascagni gluten free napoli

As you can see from my photos, they have a separate wooden oven for the gluten free pizzas.

While I am there, they also show me the separate marble table where they make the gluten free pizza dough. They are so attentive, professional and precise that they have got the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) logo that certifies that there are no cross contamination with gluten inside the restaurant.

For the pizza they use a bread mix by Nutrifree: I am not a big fan of this Italian brand but it is way better than the Caputo mix widely used to make gluten free pizza today; you can find it for example at Rossopomodoro restaurants or Big Love cafe in Paris, and I don’t like it at all because this mix uses an over processed deglutinated wheat starch…!

Here, at Mascagni, this ingredient is luckily banned!

The menu is quite extensive, and the choice was not an easy one to make, I love pizza SO much that I would have loved to taste all of them… 🙂

Besides they also make gluten free fresh pasta, gnocchi, and several desserts.

At the end I opted for a Margherita with bufala mozzarella, that is also lactose free, fresh basil and tomatoes.

A big bravo to Marianna!

The pizza dough was delicious, the real Neapolitan pizza the way I like it, the ingredients were top quality and fresh; I also enjoyed some great gluten free beer that I shared with my mum.

I can’t but recommend this place if you are in Naples:

it’s one of the best gluten free pizza that I have ever had!

mascagni gluten free pizza in naples
mascagni gluten free pizza naples


Via Pietro Mascagni, 42
80128 Napoli
Tel +39 081.560.29.00
+39 339.22.811.67



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner
Closed on Wednesday






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