Mary Maitre Chocolatier

Today I tell you the story of Mary Delluc who opened a chocolate shop in Brussels in 1919. Mary always pursued excellence and quality and decided to establish her business in the renown Rue Royal connecting the King’s Palace in Laeken to the one in Brussels.

Mary made a wise choice, as the King travelled along the Rue Royale every day and it was in the middle of a walk that was very popular with nobles and bourgeois people that he got to know Mary chocolate shop and started to like it very much.

In 1942 Mary made her dream come true and became the Purveyor to the Royal House of Belgium.

Today you can still step into the beautiful shop in Rue Royal and it is really a life time experience to make, if I might put it this way.

The furniture inside the shop is still the same, and the chocolate recipes too. The box I chose for the post cover picture was designed by Mary herself and it was just so beautiful I couldn’t resist in buying it!

I was amazed that there is chocolate that is gluten free, lactose free and even nuts free ! At Mary they really take care of people’s different needs and allergies.

The choices is among so many delicious chocolate creations: fresh creams, pralinés, gianduia, black chocolates, coffee, almond, walnut, and pistachio paste, fruit paste, liqueur, candied fruit, dragées, truffles…mmhh, I love truffles so much!

The packaging is irresistible as well: besides the one I chose, I love the pieds-de-poule one, so chic, and the others are so elegant, they look like hats boxes but actually hide a sweet surprise inside 🙂

A big thank you to Marie who assisted me during my visit at the shop, she was so nice, friendly and professional that made my experience at Mary even more unforgettable.


73 Rue Royale
1000 Brussels
T: +32 2 217 45 00


Opening hours

Mon to Sat
10 am – 6 pm
Closed on Sunday





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