Marks&Spencer gluten free range

Last week I finally got into Marks&Spencer that opened here in Paris some time ago. I wanted to go there for so long but somehow I did not manage to do it before.

What a pleasant surprise!

In Paris they sell only Marks&Spencer labelled products with beautiful packaging and they have a whole range dedicated to gluten free foods.

I decided to try the scones, the rosemary and apricots toasts and the ginger snaps, I do love ginger 🙂

I really enjoyed the products that I bought: the scones were delicious with my morning breakfast and went beautifully with my organic mango and wild berries jams – with no added sugar – that I just bought at my favourite French épicerie Bien.

I also loved the rosemary and apricot toasts with some French fresh goat cheese: in particularly I loved the mix between the sweet taste of the apricot and the savoury one of the cheese. My friends, who came to my place for an “aperitivo”, enjoyed them too.

I am always delighted when I can share good gluten free products with other people that are used to eat gluten and prove them that gluten free can be good, tasty and fun!

Today I had the ginger snaps with my green tea for breakfast and they made all the way with me during my morning work from home.

I like ginger so much and I have to say that these biscuits are really good.

Can’t wait to go back to Marks&Spencer and try other gluten free goodies …!


Avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris


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Mon – Sat
10 am – 9 pm
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