Little Italy and Gluten free in Paris!

As an Italian I can’t but be happier to have finally found an Italian restaurant in Paris that is 100% gluten free: Manicaretti.

Located in the lovely rue du Paradis in Paris 9th arrondissement, a street that is full of nice places to eat, Manicaretti is the brainchild of a lively Italian woman who was born in Rome but who moved to Paris when she was in her 20s and never left: her name couldn’t sound more Roman to me…Vittoria!

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Vittoria is not gluten intolerant but she has learnt to take care of herself by mindful eating: she eats everything but in little quantity and her desire at her newly born restaurant is to propose food that could be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone : gluten intolerant and not.

So she doesn’t put the word “gluten free” in evidence because in French (and also in Italian) it sounds negative (“sans gluten” equals “without gluten”) but the word “with” that means typical Italian food made with rice and corn flours for example, with almonds, with chestnuts, with potatoes and many other glorious ingredients that are naturally gluten free.

What I particularly liked at Manicaretti is that you can create your own dish at very affordable prices choosing between homemade gnocchi, lasagne, pasta, and a variety of vegetable and salads that change according to the seasons.

The good news is that Vittoria makes her own gluten free bread: I tasted it and I found it very good!

I went to Manicaretti with the lovely Julie from the beautiful projet Avec Plaisir and we both left room for dessert: me a yummy and moist almond cake and Julie some delicious vegan chocolat tart that just got out of the oven!

Vittoria wish is that everybody can feel welcomed at her table showing that gluten free can be a valid alternative to the more common wheat.

To do that she also organises cooking classes in the afternoon for both adults and children where you can learn to master some typical Italian recipes and also some words of Italian, how great is that!

At Manicaretti you can eat simple yet yummy Italian food that is made with a smiling heart, that is 100% artisanal and homemade.

This is a mix I can’t resist…

Hope you will like it too 🙂

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manicaretti gluten free restaurant in paris


60 rue de Paradis
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 51 77 57 30



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8.30 am – 5.30 pm
Closed on Sat and Sun






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