Mamarracha tapas bar and restaurant

Here I am in Sevilla to visit my BFF Rocco. I am very happy as it is my first time here and I am so in love of this city already.

Besides I went from Paris 5° rain to Sevilla almost 30° sun! I spent the night before literally freezing and now some warm temperature that felt like an embrace.

Yesterday evening Rocco brought me in one of his favourite places:  Mamarracha, a tapas bar and restaurant.

We were both amazed to discover that they have a whole menu dedicated to food allergies including gluten free and I ate some delicious typical Spanish tapas.

We started with grilled king prawns with a touch of lemon grass, garlic and parsley. Then a marinated Iberian pork called “presa iberica” – it was tender and juicy.

We opted for some delicious baked American potatoes and grilled vegetables. They brought me also some gluten free bread – how nice of them!

We drank white wine called Lagrima that was fruity just the way I like it.

The atmosphere at Mamarracha is friendly, fun, laid-back.

It is such a nice place to be, have a drink and enjoy great food. I do recommend it if you are in town or planning to be.


Calle Hernando Colón 1-3
Tel. +34 955 123 911


Opening hours

Lunch and dinner
Closed on Tuesdays





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