A Neapolitan gluten free friggitoria in Rome!

And here Mama Frites did it!

It made come true one dream of many people who have celiac disease like myself: opening up an authentic gluten free Neapolitan « friggitoria » a few blocks from the Vatican in Rome !

But what is a « friggitoria »?

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If you have not been to Naples yet, you might not be familiar with this word.

A « friggitoria » is basically Neapolitan street food that is specialised in fried foods both savoury and sweet: from pizza to pasta, from French fries to Italian crocché and suppli, vegetables, chicken, fish, everything is fried and then put in the famous « cuoppo », a cone made of paper that you can easily take it away with you, walk and eat it in the street.

You can spot one in my photo below.

It was generous and very good, as my friend Audrey from the blog Frichty said 🙂

At Mama Frites the daily menu is quite extensive: you can also have risotto, pizza, calzoni available both fried or baked in the oven, and then there are the well-known graffes and bombette, tyically Italien fried sweet specialities, often stuffed with vanilla or chocolate cream.

You might have guessed that here calories don’t count, only pleasure 😉

And of course, there is also the famous «panuozzo»!!

The «panuozzo» is a big sandwich made of a typical Neapolitan bread, stuffed with different ingredients and then put back into the oven so that all the ingredients perfectly melt together.

In Naples and around, people go literally crazy for it: they can eat it from morning to evening, no matter the hour, the time, the season.

That day I opted for a calzone « Sant’Agata » with fior di latte (a variety of mozzarella), green vegetables, anchovies, it was VERY good!

I can say I fell in love with it…

The pizza dough of the calzone is artisanal and homemade.

Such a great news to me !

No industrial mix cross the door here.

I also liked the design of the place, the wooden tables, the graffiti on the walls, all the details you can spot here and there contribute to creating a warm, smiley feeling; the bigger table might let you mingle with other people and it can be the occasion for a nice chit-chat if you are in the mood of.

Before leaving I noticed that the claim at Mama Frites is « There is no difference, here gluten free is for everybody ».

I would just love to add «Evviva!»

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Mama Frites

Borgo Pio, 28 (Vatican)
Vicolo del Cinque, 42 (Trastevere)
Tel. +39 06 8351 3906



Opening hours

Open daily
From Lunch to dinner







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