Gluten free Neapolitan pizza in Rome!

If you are in Rome and feeling nostalgic about some great gluten free Neapolitan pizza, I think I can help you out 😉

There is a restaurant and pizzeria called Mama Eat, it is located in beautiful, old Trastevere. They say that the «real» Romans are people who have born there for 7 generations…!

I have lived in Rome for 16 years and when I moved here for the first time, I lived in Trastevere.

Each time I go back and wander in its little, paved streets, past memories fill me up with joy.

Imagine how happy I was when I discovered that there was such a great gluten free place just here, a few blocks from the beautiful Santa Maria in Trastevere square.

mama eat gluten free restaurant in rome
mama eat roma
mama eat gluten free restaurant in rome

Mama Eat is a restaurant certified by AIC – the Italian celiac association – so there is no risk of cross contamination with gluten.

I went there for lunch one day and opted for a Margherita gluten free pizza with bufala mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil. It was really good!

What I also liked, it’s the fact that the mix for pizza and bread is homemade, with sourdough, to make it better and more easy to digest.

That was such a great news for me! I personally don’t like gluten free industrial mix that much as they often put «whatever» inside.

Mama Eat is the brainchild of Marcella Navarro, a Neapolitan chef who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2000.

Since that moment, she has started to develop gluten free recipes by herself as she was not happy about the products proposed by the market. She worked hard to fine tune her recipes and today this pays back. Mama Eat opened in Naples first and the success was so big that Marcella along with her two brothers Roberto and Giovanni decided to open a second venue in Rome followed later by Mama Frites specialised in typical Neapolitan street food – to read my older post on Mama Frites, click here.

At Mama Eat the menu is extensive: from pizza to pasta, from entrés to Italian special dishes and desserts, you can really splurge.

I would like to end this post with a BIG thank you to Mama Eat team: they were very nice and professional and when I can combine great food with a big smile, that doubles my pleasure.

mama eat gluten free pizza in rome
mama eat pizza sans gluten à rome
mama eat la pizza gluten free

Mama Eat

Via San Cosimato, 7
10153 Roma
Tel. +39 06 58 06 222



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner







  • Avatar Mary McKenna says:

    My daughter did a semester abroad in Rome last year and has never forgotten your delicious pizza. It is so hard to get delicious gluten free pizza. I have tried to recreate your recipe but absolutely no luck ! I have two daughters with celiac and I would love any advice you might have to help me make something more tasty. I know that you can’t share your recipe. but anything you can share would be appreciated. I would love to be able to make something that would taste better.

    Many thanks, we hope that you are all healthy now.

    Mary McKenna
    15 Heidi Rd
    Easton, MA USA 02375

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