A pastry shop 100% gluten free 100% original!

It’s with a heart as light as a feather that I tell you all about the new gluten free pastry shop, Maison Plume, that’s just opened in Paris one month ago.

Maison Plume literally means Maison Feather … and that’s why all the pastries are shaped like… a feather!

But the name evokes also the fact that all the pastries are sugar free – so they are suitable also for diabetics or professional sportsmen/women who need to take specific care of their sugar intake.

These gluten free pastries are basically sweetened with Stevia: stevia is a plant-based sugar that makes no glycaemic pic when taken. And several pastries are also vegan and lactose free.

So basically everyone is welcome at Maison Plume …!

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maison plume paris gluten free pastries
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The moment I step in, I meet with Tara Pidoux, the founder and pastry chef of Maison Plume.

Tara tells me that she decided to create Maison Plume basically because she discovered to be super sensitive to gluten and she wanted to be able to make those French pastries she could no longer eat…

After attending the prestigious École Ferrandi to become a skilled pastry chef, Tara took a master class in business management and then she felt she was ready to open up her own pastry shop and tea room at the heart of the Haut Marais in Paris.

She put her heart and soul in the project and she decided to take care of everything by herself: from recipes development, to designing the logo and the space, to collecting all the vintage furniture that make her pastry shop so warm and cosy.

If you are in Paris and looking for a late breakfast or an afternoon tea, Maison Plume makes the perfect stop to spend some good time in good company!

maison plume paris
maison plume paris gluten free tea time
maison plume paris gluten free pastries tara pidoux

Maison Plume

61, rue Charlot
75019 Paris



Opening hours

Tue – Sun
10 am – 7.30 pm
Closed on Monday






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