Maison Loüno is a newly born French brand specialised in organic gluten free + vegan mix that allows us to make the well-known Nordic Bread at home.

But what is a Nordic bread?

Well, as the lovely Louise Skadhauge, founder of the brand, explains me over a latte in a Parisian café, a Nordic bread is a dark bread that Danish people are very fond of, it is made of rye, and basically it accompanies every meal: from breakfast, through lunch and dinner.

Louise is French but her parents are Danish so she got used to this way of eating since she was little.

When she discovered she was gluten intolerant, she set herself the challenge to find the perfect recipe to make that bread she loved so much, minus the gluten…!

Today the bread mix she sells via her brand are studied to make this bread at home, a bread that is 100% grains and almonds -so no flour whatsoever – it is crunchy and has a nutty flavour that I do enjoy. Besides its size makes it also perfect for snacking or for mid-morning cravings.

I am a quite curious creature at heart, so I can’t help but ask Louise why she chose that name.

Well, it is SO romantic..! 

Loüno is the contraction of two names Louise and Tony: two soul mates, two young people bound together by love and passion, who support each other mutually and unconditionally!

Before we leave, I ask Louise which new products she is currently working on: she tells me that she is working on new recipes to proprose a sweet version of the Nordic bread and maybe also crackers..!

All to be available as mix, and to be baked at home.

So now, if I made you curious enough, have a look at it more closely on Maison Loüno website!

You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get to know on time when sales are open monthly.

Last word last…Enjoy 😉

pS and if you are looking for ideas for recipes to eat this bread with, Louise has many on her blog:

maison louno nordic bread

Maison Loüno

Bread mix on sale on line monthly on:




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