Some time ago I read in Because Gus, the first French media focused on gluten free, that a new gluten free spot had just opened it town: Maison Bon.

Yesterday I was running some errands in rue du Chateau d’Eau, between République and Gare de l’Est train station, and decided to stop there for lunch.

Niched in rue des Petites Ecuries, there is this lovely organic, vegetarian, gluten free coffee shop that from morning till afternoon serves gluten free breakfast, lunch and the Frenchy gouter, if you want to stop by for an afternoon tea or coffee!

At Maison Bon, I met with the lively Chloé who created this place and concocted all the recipes to make us gluten free eaters happy and spoiled.

For lunch there is the box that changes daily: everything is prepared fresh and cooked at the Maison Bon. I had a delicious stuffed eggplant with quinoa and feta cheese. Two gluten free bread “tartines” with avocado spread and red peppers.

My drink, a home-made lemonade gently sweetened with honey, one of the best ever.

For dessert, I opted for a chia pudding with almond milk and gluten free home-made granola: yum!

Chloé told me that she is not intolerant to gluten but decided to create a place that was gluten free to make it become more mainstream and have people get a “decomplexé” (easy-to-go) attitude towards it. In a few words… “on ne se prend pas la tête avec le sans gluten mais on le goûte et on y est bien avec!”, as I would put it in French 😉

At Maison Bon, the dessert menu is quite extensive: there are nice cookies with chocolates chips and goji berries (I did enjoy mine today), carrot cakes, lemon and apple tarts, French crêpes made of rice and chestnut flours, vegan chocolate cream, financier, chocolate muffins and Chloé keeps changing, and adding new ones following her creativity and the seasons as well.

I took one crêpe home with me and enjoyed it for breakfast this morning. I know that this sometimes sounds kind of bizarre to my French friends but as an Italian, I see and enjoy crêpes as I was eating an exotic dish, it is one of my favourite French foods and those at the Maison Bon are also organic and particularly good.

I liked the place too and in particular the big window where you can sit and look at the street outside and the people passing by.

It is a fascinating “sport” to me to have some time and to be able to just do that, observe what it is actually happening around me. And if by doing this, I am also enjoying some good gluten free food, well… it’s simply great!

Hope to be back soon.

Maison Bon

11, rue des Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 48 24 27 13












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