Maison Bastille take away restaurant

Maison Bastille is a take away restaurant in Paris that I am so in love with: the fresh food, the design, all the little things they have on sale that are just so beautiful and give you ideas for any kind of gift, I like everything! And most of all I like Marie the founder – a lively open-minded woman- who created this place one year ago and made it beautiful, warm, homey following up her creativity and inspirations. Marie lived in the U.S and in England and you can somehow feel it in the air when you step at Maison Bastille for the first time.

Along with her on the team, there is Valérie who eats gluten free so there is always a gluten free option on the menu that we gluten free eaters can eat and enjoy.

For lunch there are special menus to choose: I went for a salad trio with Vietnamese rice, omelette and fresh herbs, cauliflower taboulé with fresh mint and sultanas, potatoes with smoked salmon and dill. Very good.

I also liked the freshly squeezed juice with kale, apple, and ginger.

My dessert a “fromage blanc” with strawberry coulis.

At Maison Bastille everything is fresh and cooked everyday in the kitchen. It is like stepping into a house where Marie and Valérie welcome you in and show you what they have just finished preparing. All the ingredients are selected with care and a sprinkle of fantasy here and there turns a simple dish in something extraordinary and special.

Besides I think they have a good price/quality ration for a city like Paris that is quite expensive in general.

I was happy to happen to be there last Friday when Maison Bastille was actually celebrating its first year anniversary.

It was nice to go back after work for a “pot” as they call it here or an “aperitivo” if I shall put it my mother- Italian-tongue 😉

I loved the non-alcoholic Mojito they have concocted – to be free of alcohol it was one of the best I have ever tasted.

Valérie made some yummy gluten free puffed rice crisps with peanut butter…shall I say how good they were ?!!?

I hope to go back to Maison Bastille soon and taste other gluten free sweet specials by Valérie.

The menu changes daily so you might want to check up Maison Bastille Instagram page to see what they are up to and what gluten free food you can enjoy.

Maison Bastille

34b rue Amelot
75011 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 58 30 69 18


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
10 am – 3 pm
Brunch and Gouter
11 am – 6 pm
Closed on Sunday



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