Maisie Café is the new place to be in Paris: a 100% gluten free and vegan coffee shop that opened a few months ago in rue du Mont Thabor in the 1st arrondissement, between Chanel, Colette and the famous Ritz Hotel.

Created by Isabella Capace and her husband Xavier Barroux (one of the nicest, welcoming persons that I have met in Paris so far) Maisie Café objective is to show that we can eat healthy, organic, vegan and gluten free and still enjoy what we eat because this food is actually full of taste, it can be a real pleasure to be shared and enjoyed by everyone and with everyone!

maisie cafe vegan and gluten free paris
Maisie café energy balls vegan et sans gluten

In a little time Maise Café has become the perfect place to go to if you would like to eat a delicious breakfast or a quick, healthy lunch.

Everyday, one the menu, you can find a large choices of hot drinks (cappuccino here is so good and brewed with renown Parisian Lomi coffee beans), açai and matcha bowls – my very favourite – homemade granola and cakes, energy balls, raw desserts that vary according to the products seasonality, avocado toasts, focaccia by the Parisian bakery Chambelland, salads, and also many fresh cold-pressed juices that are one of Maisie Café specialities, sold also at the prestigious Grande Epicerie de Paris.

Maisie Café is also specialised in Detox and you can book your own on line and drink it for a full day or even three: the Detox juices have been carefully studied to clean our body and bring us back more vitality and positive energy.

So… Shall we go :)?!

maisie cafe capuccino
maisie cafe matcha bowl
maisie cafe gluten free lunch

Maisie Café

32 rue du Mont Thabor
75001 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 40 39 99 16




Opening hours

Mon – Fri
9 am – 5 pm
11 am – 5 pm
Closed on Sunday







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